Answer this honestly: How honest a traveler are you?

That’s exactly what researchers at wanted to find out for a survey looking at the likelihood of people from 28 different nations stealing while on vacation.

If you trust the respondents’ “honest” answers, then the survey shows that more than a third of global travelers take the joy of spending the night away one step further by stealing at least one hotel amenity.

“While a majority of hotel guests globally (65 percent) say they’ve never pilfered an item from a hotel room -- except toiletries, everyone takes those -- Danish travelers come out on top as exceptionally honest, with 88 percent saying they’ve never pocketed a hotel amenity,” said.

Travelers from nearby Netherlands and Norway were also extremely honest, according to the survey. Brazilians came out on top for the Americas, while residents of Hong Kong claimed to be the most honest in Asia.

Interestingly, the survey separated out Canadians residing in Quebec from those living everywhere else. The Quebecois, it seems, are much more honest than their English-speaking brethren, who have a penchant for pilfering magazines and books.

Indeed, magazines and books proved to be the most popular item for hotel thieves, followed closely by linens and towels. About 3 percent of respondents admitted to stealing robes and 1 percent admitted to making off with the pillows, while the Chinese, in particular, seemed to enjoy the lamps and artwork.

Researchers used a weighted average based on a sample size of more than 8,600 respondents across 28 countries to come up with their results.

For a look at the nationalities most likely to snag items from a hotel room, according to, scroll through the slideshow above.