Between Two Ferns is TV bound, as the Zach Galifianakis web series will air as a 30-minute episode on Comedy Central May 6. (PHOTO: Screen Capture /

Get ready for a whole lot of awkward and funny on May 6, when the latest episode of Between Two Ferns, hosted by Zach Galifianakis, airs on Comedy Central, right before the second annual Comedy Awards.

We did a half hour special . . . we interviewed Tina Fey, Jon Stewart and Sir Richard Branson. Yeah. Not a bad list. Not a bad list, Scott Aukerman announced on his podcast, Comedy Bang Bang on Monday.

Aukerman, who co-created the sketch pilot on which the funny web series is based on, actually makes his TV debut as a director with the May 6 episode.

I sat in the director's chair, and boy, I tell you, my favorite word in the English language, is 'action.' I just love it . . . you know what my least favorite word is? 'Cut.,' he said on his podcast.

Between Two Ferns premiered on Funny or Die in 2008, with Michael Cera as the first guest. In the episode, Galifianakis falls asleep with his eyes opened, hits a boo button and mocks Cera's young voice, all while wedged between two ferns.

Over the years, Galifianakis has delivered hilarious interviews with the likes of Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper, Ben Stiller, Bruce Willis and Will Ferrell.

To date, the show's interview with Natalie Portman remains the most watched episode on Funny or Die, with more than 10.7 million views.

While fans of the web series have been rejoicing over news of the Comedy Central episode, Aukerman did not share details on whether or not the team will produce more episodes for TV.

This just made my day, wrote one fan of Between Two Ferns.

This is f**king awesome news! wrote another.

Scroll down for a few select episodes of Between Two Ferns. The 30-minute episode airs on Comedy Central on May 6 at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Note: The language in these videos may be offensive to some viewers.