Beyoncé is causing controversy yet again, after posting a photo on Instagram in which she seems to be calling herself Jesus. Wearing a pink corset top and lime-green skirt, the 31-year-old diva posed in front of a replica of the famed painting of "The Last Supper," a late 15th century mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting depicts the scene of the last supper Jesus had with his 12 apostles, as it is written in the Gospel of John, an anonymous account of the public ministry of Jesus. It portrays the reaction given by each apostle when Jesus said one of them would betray him. Beyoncé, in the photo she posted, placed herself in the center of the table, blocking Jesus out. Her fans were quick to react, with one saying, “@beyonce You are so disrespectful!!! I will be praying for U!!! U ARE NOT JESUS!!!!! Smh [shaking my head]Jesus is the truth, and the light…John 14:6 [sic].” More than 3,000 people commented on the picture as of Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m agnostic but respect religion and those who have faith. I can see why posing in front of a replica of ‘The Last Supper,’ using her image to block out Jesus, could offend. No matter whether she is or isn’t religious herself, this controversial move is disrespectful to many…” another commenter wrote.

The move may be even more controversial for Beyoncé, considering she and Jay Z have been accused for years of being in the Illuminati, an alleged conspiratorial organization that reportedly masterminds events and controls world affairs to establish a “New World Order" or “a one-world authoritarian government.” Jay Z has denied the rumors in his lyrics, and Beyoncé has never addressed the accusation.