Ever since Kim Kardashian started dating Kanye West officially last year, it seems she has been trying her best to befriend Beyoncé, who is married to Jay Z, West’s best friend. While Kardashian seems to be making an effort to win over the "Drunk in Love" singer, it doesn't seem to be working.

The 33-year-old asked Beyoncé to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding but was turned down, Star reports. Even with that, Kardashian seems to still be in awe of the singer, even posting Instagram pictures on Monday that mimicked photos Beyoncé posted on her profile the same day.

Beyoncé posted two side-by-side images of herself wearing the same outfit in various poses. Kardashian did the exact same thing, causing Beyonce fans to diss the reality-TV star. In addition, Kardashian posted photo captions, which were lyrics from Beyonce’s hit single, “Drunk in Love.”

Kim Kardashian poses like Beyonce in Instagram pictures

“Graining on that wood,” she wrote as one caption.

“Not only do you not have your original face or body but you also have no original thoughts @kimkardashian. Funny how you must stay pressed on @beyonce's Instagram and copy her exact posting of photos complete with quotes of her lyrics. You and your crazy baby daddy are not BeyJay v2.0,” wrote @lozzalove99 on Instagram in response to the picture.

For her second caption, Kardashian wrote, “Surfing all of this good good,” which is also a verse in Beyonce’s latest song. “You will never be like Beyonce okay…” wrote @estefania_fernandez.

“Kim K so silly. Bey posted a 2 frame & 3 frame pic stich. Kim did the same and used Bey lyric as a caption. She’s not gonna be ya bridesmaid! [sic]," @jaxlively wrote on Twitter. Pic Stitch is an iPhone app that combines multiple photos into one framed picture. 

Meanwhile, Kardashian and West on Monday found themselves in the midst of more drama after an 18-year-old male allegedly threatened to kill Kardashian after she asked him not to use the n-word. He then proceeded to call West the n-word, prompting West to punch the man in the face, TMZ reports. West is now under investigation for assault after the incident, which took place at a Beverly Hills medical center.