Kanye West is under investigation for assault after an incident at a Beverly Hills medical center Monday where an 18-year-old allegedly called West the n-word and threatened to kill his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

TMZ reports that reality-TV star Kardashian, 33, was surrounded by the usual paparazzi at the medical building, when the young man apparently held a door for her, saying, “F--- these fa---t ni-----,” referring to the photographers. She then told the man it was not appropriate to use the n-word, which caused him to get irate and scream at her. “F--- you, b----. Just trying to help you. Shut up n---- lover, stupid slut.” Kardashian later claimed that he screamed “I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT.”

This infuriated Kardashian, who called West to intervene, at which point the man screamed that West was a “n----.”  He then went into a nearby office waiting room, and the couple went after him. West allegedly punched him as Kardashian screamed, “We have it all on tape.”

People on Twitter were quick to react to the allegations, with most expressing support for West’s actions. Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, wrote, "I hope KANYE kicked his f*cking a--! #trash.”

“Go #KanyeWest, I have new respect for you!!” said @bratty_nikki. @TheEdgeofMars wrote, “I normally can't be bothered by the clownish douchebaggery Kanye West usually pulls, but in this case can't blame him [sic].”

While the man may have threatened Kardashian, and West seemingly was defending the mother of his child and his future wife, the authorities are still investigating. Beverly Hills police released the following statement after the incident.

"The named suspect was identified as Kanye West by the victim and several witnesses. Mr. West had left the location prior to Officers arrival. As of this writing, BHPD Detectives are conducting a follow-up investigation. No further information at this time."

Kardashian is reportedly countersuing and filing a police report.