Jay Z is reportedly not letting Beyoncé go without a fight. Amid rumors the two are going to split in September, after their final shows in Paris for their “On the Run” tour, Jay Z is said to be trying to work things out. The entrepreneur reportedly cheated on his superstar wife with protégés Rihanna and Rita Ora, as well as singer Mya and a VIP hostess in New York named Casey Cohen.

In addition, LIV (Olivia McFaller), a former model and stripper, recently released a song directly aimed at Beyoncé and Jay Z. The song, titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter,” samples the popular 2001 OutKast song, “Ms. Jackson.” LIV starts the song by saying, “Your man, he likes model chicks/ He likes all naturally flawless chicks like me/ What up Jay?” While she claims she turned down Jay Z’s advances, LIV does rap, “Us two attracted like some magnets/ And us crossing paths was no accident/ When I stepped out his life I took a piece of his heart.” McFaller also references Jay Z and Beyoncé songs during her nearly four-minute-long rap.

Despite the allegations, “Jay wants everything to work out and is trying to convince Beyoncé how much he does not want a divorce. It's flowers, constant texts and telling her he loves her. He is pulling out all the stops," a source tells E! In the midst of it all, Beyoncé has been relying on her family, mainly her younger sister Solange and mother Tina Knowles.

"Beyoncé is torn because she loves Jay so much and wants to keep their family together,” the insider continued. “She's turning to family and God to help her through it."

Meanwhile, the couple is acting like everything is perfectly fine, with Beyoncé posting numerous pictures on Instagram wearing clothes marked “Carter,” and photos of Jay Z spending time with their daughter Blue Ivy.

"They're professionals and they're trying to keep everything as professional as possible,” an insider says.