This is officially the year when celebrity news went completely insane. After 2012 was dominated by accounts of Beyonce’s pregnancy -- before, during, after the big event -- the pop star now is releasing her actual sonogram video to the public, according to Yahoo Music.

Now, there’s some context to the sonogram video -- Beyonce is releasing it to promote the documentary “Life Is But a Dream” about her pregnancy -- but it’s kind of a bizarre move. I mean, who is really interested in seeing a star’s sonogram?

Still, “Life Is But a Dream” is dedicated to more than just the inner workings of Beyonce’s uterus. The documentary, directed and produced by the pop star, is also all about the struggles Beyonce faced during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy Carter, including the divide between her private and public life.

An 85-second trailer for the film was released Friday, and you can stream it below this article. Unfortunately for some (or fortunately for others), the trailer isn’t entirely dedicated to Beyonce’s sonogram.

“I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself,” Beyonce says in the trailer’s intro. “People see celebrities, and they have money and fame, but I’m a human being. I cry. I get scared. I get nervous just like everyone else.”

So why did Beyonce choose to release something as private as her sonogram to the public? Some people think she’s attempting to combat rumors that the singer was never pregnant at all. 

One of the most bizarre celebrity conspiracy theories in recent years is the idea that Beyonce never actually got pregnant, but simply faked it while a surrogate carried her child Blue Ivy Carter with Jay-Z. 

The so-called proof behind this insane Beyonce conspiracy theory? Apparently, a video of Beyonce on an Australian talk show appears to show her “fake” pregnant belly collapse inward when she begins to sit down, as noted by The Stir at CafeMom. It’s a pretty nutty theory, apparently started by people who don’t know how fabric works.

So if the Beyonce conspiracy theorists are basing their beliefs on evidence that flimsy, a video of a sonogram might not be enough to convince them of anything. And the Blue Ivy sonogram might be a bit more than anyone else ever wants to see. 

Still, if you really have the desire to see Beyonce’s sonogram, be sure to tune in to “Life Is But a Dream” on HBO Feb. 16. And watch the trailer below.