‘Big Bang Theory’
Will Sheldon (Jim Parsons) stay loyal to Amy (Mayim Bialik) while she's at Princeton in “Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 24? CBS

Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) will soon be facing the biggest obstacle in their relationship yet.

In “Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 24, Amy will be away from Sheldon for the first time since they started living together. She will be pursuing a short-term job at Princeton, and Sheldon has given her his support. However, while Sheldon is coming to terms with the fact that he and Amy can’t always be together, he will be reunited with Ramona (Riki Lindhome), the woman who has a crush on him.

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It won’t be long before Amy finds out that Ramona is spending time with Sheldon, and she will do so because of Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). While speaking with TV Guide, showrunner Steve Molaro said that the scene where Amy, Penny and Bernadette are on videocall is the most hilarious part of the finale.

“Amy on Skype yelling at Penny and Bernadette was funny to me from the minute we wrote it to watching them rehearse all week. That one joke about she’s been whacking that ketchup bottle, and now all this Ramona chick has to do is tip it over and point it at her fries – that was from one of our writers, Eric Kaplan, and we thought that was the funniest thing from the minute it went into the script to every time Mayim said it,” he said.

CBS dropped the sneak peek for Season 10, episode 24, and it opens with Amy asking Penny and Bernadette why they are not doing their job of keeping an eye on Sheldon. Penny and Bernadette try to defend themselves, but Amy appears to be seriously pissed. She is also worried that Sheldon will do something behind her back because Ramona is a good-looking girl, but Penny says that looks don’t really matter to Sheldon. This makes Amy even more upset, but Penny clarifies that it’s because he only has eyes for his girlfriend.

Another sneak peek from “The Long Distance Dissonance” sees Amy and Sheldon talking to each other via Skype. Their conversation starts off with Sheldon giving Amy tips on how to make small talk. However, this leads to Amy realizing just how much she really misses her boyfriend. The two flirt with each other for a little bit before Sheldon says that he will admonish Amy.

Meanwhile, “Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 24 will end with a cliffhanger. Molaro said they want to write stories that will make him and his team feel nervous and excited at the same time. “I think that helps us keep the show fresh. I think this episode is among them. There’s an outsider floating around Sheldon and making a real play for him while Amy’s gone. There are a lot of exciting things in play,” he told TV Guide.

When asked if he’s excited that “Big Bang Theory” has already been renewed for two more seasons even before the Season 10 finale, Molaro said that they want to focus on the upcoming 48 episodes. “Right now our goal is to make the next two years as good as they can possibly be,” he said.

“Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 24 will air on CBS on May 11 at 8 p.m. EST.