melissa rauch miscarriage psa
Melissa Rauch, pictured at the People’s Choice Awards 2017 at Microsoft Theater on Jan. 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, recently released a PSA on pregnancy loss. Getty Images

Though Melissa Rauch is currently expecting her first child, her journey to get here has been a tough one.

She recently opened up about miscarrying the first time around and the fertility issues she’s had in the past, and while she dealt with the pregnancy loss as best as she could, she was nervous to speak up about it.

It wasn’t until she eventually decided to share her story that she learned that so many women go through this and that there’s a community of supportive women to lean on.

That’s why Rauch decided to do her part to bring awareness to this very personal topic, so that others know that they are not alone. To reach as many people as possible with this message, the “Big Bang Theory” star released a PSA video on pregnancy loss in honor of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, which is every October.

Joining her in the video, which she released on Glamour on Monday, were Nancy Kerrigan, Paula Garces, Loni Love, Vanna White, Lennon Parham, June Diane Raphael, Kiele Sanchez, Katie Aselton, Jill Willard, Jackie Seiden, Jean Villepique, Jennifer Chen, Natalie Stromme and Virginia Williams.

Along with the video, Rauch wrote a little bit about why she wanted to make this PSA, and about the support she’s found since telling her story.

“[T]here would have been zero hesitation at all,” she wrote about being nervous to write her first piece about her miscarriage, “Had I known the magnitude and depth of the wonderful community—one I never knew existed— that was about to emerge.”

The 37-year-old actress went on to express how grateful and astonished she was that so many people “reached out to share stories of their loss and heartbreak” after reading her piece.

“It was from this beautiful outpouring of openness, candor and courage offered by all of these kindred spirits that I began to heal a part of me that I didn’t know was still in need of repair,” she wrote. “The part that still blamed myself. The part that was still holding on to shame. The part that still felt like I was alone. All of these relics of despair began to diminish with each person who opened up about their feelings and accounts of their struggles. This was a true zone of comfort.”

To the women who united with her to share their story in this PSA, she wrote: “I am in tremendous awe of each of the women who joined me in making this video. They opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen if we lived in a world where this issue was spoken about more freely. Perhaps we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves or feel so isolated while going through the agonizing grief and devastation that so many of us encounter on the road to motherhood. My heart is forever changed by the tonic of their voices. These powerful, brave, compassionate, strong, badass ladies represent the millions out there who are a part of this sisterhood.”

“We are not alone,” she concluded. “Not for one second.”