“Big Brother” Season 20 saw its first live eviction and second Head of Household competition on Thursday’s live show. Now, the HOH power is in Kaitlyn’s hands and she must nominate two houseguests for eviction. But who will she pick?

Following Thursday’s episode, CBS brought back the live feeds and fans were able to watch Kaitlyn discuss her possible nomination plans for the week. According to Big Brother Network, Kaitlyn was seen talking to Faysal, Haleigh, and Angie/Rockstar and promising to them that they’re “safe” this week.

The site reports that Faysal also told Kaitlyn, who she has been closely aligned to thus far, the HOH competition couldn’t have gone any better for them.

While it doesn’t appear that Kaitlyn has announced her nomination plans to any of her allies just yet, she was heard telling Rockstar and Haleigh that she isn’t fond of Chris/Swaggy C’s take-charge attitude. Tyler was also heard on the live feed hinting to Rachel that Swaggy could be a target this week.

At the beginning of the game, Kaitlyn was with the FOUTTE alliance, which consists of Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar and Swaggy, but she did flip the switch on them Thursday night by voting to take out Steve amid their plans to evict Sam.

Meanwhile, another houseguest has been making promises on behalf of Kaitlyn. BBN reports that Bayleigh was heard telling Rockstar and Swaggy that Kaitlyn wouldn’t nominate either of them for eviction. With nominations up in the air, Swaggy has reportedly told his allies to keep tabs on Kaitlyn at all times so the other houseguests can’t get in her ear.

No matter what Kaitlyn decides, she’ll have to make a choice soon.

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