“Big Brother” is about to show its first eviction of Season 20, but before one houseguest gets eliminated, some contestants will play in the first veto competition.

It has been reported by live feed viewers that Faysal won the first 2018 Power of Veto during Friday’s comp. Despite being picked to play in the veto by nominee Steve, he chose not to use the power to change Head of Household Tyler’s picks, according to Big Brother Network. This means that Steve and Sam are still up for eviction come Thursday’s episode.

While Steve has been telling his confidants he feels safe in the game, stating on Monday that he feels Sam will get the majority of the votes, he isn’t aware that Sam possesses a secret power. In episode 3, viewers watched as Sam, who has been living out half of her time in the game as a robot thus far, was named the top-trending houseguest of the week. During a visit to the BB App Store, she chose the “Bonus Life” reward, which gives her the power to allow herself or another houseguest the chance to return to the game if evicted.

Big Brother Network reports that Sam has filled in HOH Tyler about her special power and told him she will be there for him “no matter what.” With that knowledge, Tyler has made it clear he’s confident Sam isn’t going home this week and was seen on the feeds telling his alliance they need to vote out Steve.

With this week's Head of Household having her back, Big Brother Network reports that on Sunday, Sam told Tyler that she wants to keep her “special power.” Viewers will remember that Sam’s “Bonus Life” is good for the first four evictions.

If evicted, it is expected that Sam would use the power to give herself a chance to get back into the game. However, if possible, it seems she would rather work to get votes on Steve and hold onto her power for a little longer.

Do you think Steve or Sam will be evicted? Share your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Big Brother” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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Sam and Steve are both up for eviction on "Big Brother." CBS