With the Cookout the only players left in the “Big Brother” house, two members of the alliance have found themselves in danger this week.

Sunday’s Season 23 episode saw the current Head of Household, Kyland, nominate Tiffany and her final two Hannah for eviction. While viewers have yet to see the Power of Veto competition play out, live feed recaps have already revealed the nominees’ fate.

According to Big Brother Network, Kyland was able to secure the POV and he kept nominations the same. This means either Tiffany or Hannah will be headed to the jury on Thursday night’s episode.

As for who the unlucky houseguest will be, all signs point to Tiffany being evicted next.

After going against her alliance's plans by winning a back-to-back Head of Household competition meant for Kyland during a recent week, Tiffany rattled her allies. Tiffany said she did it in order to save her friend in the game, Claire, but it ended up backfiring.

In order to stay true to her mission in the game and her alliance, she ended up having to nominate Claire for eviction. Claire was then sent packing, with Alyssa following quickly after in the season’s first double eviction.

Heading into Thursday, Big Brother Network reports Tiffany has “accepted” her fate in the game. Though, according to daily recaps, she has still tried to sway the other houseguests to keep her.

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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Tiffany and Hannah are up for eviction on "Big Brother" this week. CBS


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