After experiencing a double eviction last week, the “Big Brother” Season 23 cast is in for a surprise on Thursday when the CBS show hosts its second surprise double elimination episode.

So, who will be going home next? It all depends on who wins the Head of Household competition.

After the first elimination, which is expected to see Tiffany head to the jury, Xavier, Derek F., Azah, and Hannah/Tiffany will battle it out to become the next HOH. Kyland will be forced to sit out the competition as the reigning HOH.

Should one of the two competing men win, they will likely target the remaining women in the house, meaning nominations for Azah and Hannah/Tiffany. As noted by Big Brother Network, the male houseguests want to be the final three for a “gentlemen’s fight.”

When it comes down to who they would vote for, Xavier made it clear on Monday that he thinks Hannah should be the next to go after Tiffany because she is a competitive threat. Tiffany’s pitches to stay in the game also appear to have painted a bigger target on Hannah's back.

If Azah should win, it appears she might do the bidding of the remaining male houseguests. Derek F. shared on the live feed that he informed Azah she cannot nominate Kyland and if she were to win HOH and that she should nominate himself and Hannah. Then again, Azah has told the cameras she wants Tiffany to stay this week so anything is possible when it comes to her picks.

As for who Hannah would go after should she win, she has made it clear she thinks Xavier and Kyland are her biggest threats in the game. While speaking with Derek F. on Tuesday, she shared her plans to spare putting him up on the block with Azah in favor of targeting the male duo. Kyland appears to be her biggest target though after he refused to take any of her deals during his HOH reign.

Should Tiffany stay in the game, she has also made her nomination plans known. On Tuesday, she told Azah she would “owe” both her and Xavier if they kept her around. She also mentioned not going after Derek F., which means Kyland would also be her target.

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Should plans stay as they are, Derek F., Azah, Xavier, Kyland and Hannah will remain in the "Big Brother" house for the second double eviction. CBS

Wednesday's episode of "Big Brother" will see Tiffany and Hannah compete for the Power of Veto. Find out who wins HERE!

Catch the second double eviction episode of "Big Brother" 23 on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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