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Paul Abrahamian’s “Big Brother” Season 19 may encourage producers to stop casting vets in the reality TV show. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 recently saw Jillian Parker walk out the door!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from an episode of “Big Brother” Season 19 that hasn’t aired yet. Read at your own risk!

Jillian received eight votes to evict, while her fellow nominee, Christmas Abbott, received four votes to evict. With Christmas still in the game, anything can happen in the “Big Brother” Season 19 household. After Thursday night’s second Head of Household (HOH) competition, vet Paul Abrahamian was named as the second HoH for the summer, according to Buddy TV. This means that he has all of the power in the house, and he also has opportunity to put two houseguests for eviction.

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Paul was very pissed at Cody Nickson for nominating him after Alex Ow won the Power of Veto (POV). But to everyone’s surprise, Paul received the first “Den of Temptation,” the “Ring of Protection,” which means that he cannot be nominated for the next three weeks. Now that he also won the HOH for next week, it is unclear whether or not his temptation will be put on hold for two more nominations after his HOH stint.

Meanwhile, Paul’s HOH win guarantees that Christmas will be kept safe. By the looks of it, he will be targeting Cody and the latter’s showmance, Jessica Graf. But there’s still an upcoming “Den of Temptation” this week that could change the direction of Paul’s plans. The “Ring of Replacement” will give one houseguest the chance to participate in the POV game. If he or she has not been selected in the random, he or she can take the place of one of the houseguests.

If Paul nominates Cody and Jessica, the showmance will automatically compete in the POV game. But if one of their alliance members receives the “Ring of Replacement,” he or she can participate in the game and save either one of the two houseguests. But anything can happen in the “Big Brother” house, and Paul can change his decision at any given time before the actual nomination ceremony.

“Big Brother” Season 19 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.