‘Big Brother’
Josh Martinez is still in the running to bring home the $500,000 grand prize in “Big Brother” Season 19. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 recently held its sixth nomination ceremony, and Head of Household (HOH) Josh Martinez made some surprising picks.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episodes of “Big Brother” Season 19 that have not yet aired. Read at your own risk!

Following the second Temptation Competition, Cody Nickson was named this week’s winner, and this means that Josh could not put him up on the chopping block. Unfortunately, Jessica Graf came in last during the game so she became an automatic nominee. On Thursday night, Jessica decided to use the Halting Hex to keep her and Cody in the game, even though she had the option to use it next week and just let Cody take the hit.

But in a shocking turn of events, Jessica is up on the block, and Cody is safe. Even though Cody already said that he knows for sure he won’t win the $500,000 grand prize, he has a better chance at staying in the competition than Jessica.

Meanwhile, the nomination ceremony took place after the Temptation Competition, and Josh decided to put Mark Jansen and Elena Davies up on the block for eviction. Mark and Elena are both aligned with Cody and Jessica, but since Cody cannot be nominated and Jessica is automatically one of the nominees, Josh was left with no other choice but to put Mark and Elena up for eviction, according to Big Brother Network.

This week, there will be a Power of Veto (POV) game that could give either Jessica, Mark or Elena a chance to be safe for another week. But if none of them will win the POV, it is highly likely that the nominees will remain the same. Josh doesn’t have a good relationship with Mark and Jessica, but the latter could be more beneficial to his personal game.

Unfortunately, Josh could also just follow Paul’s plan to take Jessica out this week. Previously, the returning vet made it clear that Mark is a bigger target than Jessica, but since Paul is pissed at the latter’s partner, Cody, it’s possible that Jessica will be the one to go home come Thursday night.

The next episode of “Big Brother” Season 19 will air on CBS on Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT.