Self-love advocate and singer Lizzo is starring in the new reality series "Big Grrrls," which will follow her quest to find backup dancers for her upcoming world tour.

"What's up y’all! It’s Lizzo. I'm looking for dancers to join me on my tour," she says in a trailer of the show, which was released Thursday. "Girls that look like me don't get representation. Time to pull up my sleeves and find them myself."

The trailer shows the "Truth Hurts" singer twirling and twerking and later welcoming plus-size hopefuls who are moving into the "Big Grrrls House" for mentoring and bonding sessions before the elimination rounds. The three-time Grammy award winner serves as the executive producer of the new series. The eight-episode competition will have 10 contestants. The first episode will air on Amazon Prime Video on March 25.

"We thick [sic] and we pretty and we know what we bout. It's the battle of the big girls," she added.

"To be a background dancer for Lizzo would mean everything," one contestant said in the video. "I need to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone," another person said.

"It's hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back…You were created specially in your image for you to enjoy," the 33-year-old singer said. "It's time to show the world how we do it. Watch out for the big girls."

The series is directed by Nneka Onuorah and is produced by Amazon Studios, Bunim-Murray Productions and Lizzo's production company, Lizzo Bangers.

Lizzo is a prolific advocate of self-love and often uploads videos and photos advocating body acceptance.

She uploaded a short clip earlier this month showing her naked body and wrote, "If you love me… you love all of me. You don't get to pick and choose. We should be unconditionally loving of one another, starting with being unconditionally loving to ourselves. Take a moment today and think about the conditions we hold so tightly to that keep us from the freedom of true love. Do you really wanna be so tightly wound? Free yourself in love. You deserve it.”

US singer-songwriter Lizzo rocks a Versace corset gown at the Grammys
US singer-songwriter Lizzo rocks a Versace corset gown at the Grammys AFP / VALERIE MACON