“Big Little Lies” star Reese Witherspoon may have just hinted on the possibility of a Season 2 renewal for the hit HBO TV series.

According to US Weekly, Witherspoon was photographed with her co-stars Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman. The actress also posted the photo on her Instagram account, which revealed that the trio could be spending time on the set of the series. But what gave away the possibility of a Season 2 renewal was Witherspoon’s caption when she said that they are working on new lies.

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Last month, Witherspoon told E! News that there’s hope for a Season 2 renewal since the seven-episode series ended with a cliffhanger. The biggest question that fans asked after watching the finale is what will happen to the female characters after Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgard) death? “Yeah, Nicole and I just spoke about it three days ago. We’re talking to Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, about how could these characters go on, what would happen? We definitely left it open-ended so there’s a possibility there,” Witherspoon said.

While speaking with The Sunday Morning Herald, Moriarty said that she’s also on board if HBO decides to pick up the series. She also revealed that she’s been thinking of ways on how to write new storylines for the main characters. However, Moriarty explained that she won’t be writing a second book, but she will be giving ideas for Season 2. “I’m absolutely open to it because, once I started thinking, it was too much fun to see what I could do and to see these characters again. And there’s definitely places you can go,” she said.

“Big Little Lies” Season 1 introduced three women, Madeline (Witherspoon), Celeste (Kidman) and Jane (Shailene Woodley), who came together since their children are all studying at the same school. Madeline, Celeste and Jane have secrets that they have been keeping only to themselves. For instance, Madeline cheated on her husband with a teacher from her daughter’s school. Jane had recurring dreams about a man who molested her and got her pregnant with her son. It was later on revealed that the man who impregnated Jane was also Celeste’s husband, Perry. Celeste was also in an abusive relationship with Perry.

The first season also added two characters -""- Renata (Dern) and Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) -- the two women who eventually became Madeline’s, Celete’s and Jane’s friends. Renata was initially depicted as a nosy mom whose daughter blamed Jane’s son of physically hurting her. It was later on confirmed that one of Celeste’s twins was responsible for hurting Amabella (Ivy George) in school. Bonnie, on the other hand, is the wife of Madeline’s ex-husband. She and Madeline didn’t have a good relationship since everything that Madeline’s ex-husband wasn’t able to do with her he was able to share with Bonnie.

In the end, the five women came together when they saw Celeste being assaulted by Perry. An angry Bonnie pushed Perry down the stairs, and this killed him instantly. When the series ended, it was not revealed if the women were linked to Perry’s death.