While Bill Cosby is making headway with the inmates at the SCI-Phoenix prison in Pennsylvania through fatherly lectures on life and family, the disgraced comedian isn’t fairing so well on the outside.

Cosby has had his personal items smuggled out of the prison, which could pose a potential threat for DNA evidence, Radar Online reported. Items such as his toothbrush, clothing, and hats have been taken from his cell, which could prove he is the father of two children outside his marriage to Camille, the news outlet said.

One of his accusers, Mary Waller, gave birth to Emon Waller, who is now 34, and served as Cosby’s business manager for a period of time. The other child is reportedly a woman named Autumn Jackson, who was born in 1974.

The news of the alleged affairs came with Jackson in 1997 and Waller last year. Waller has reportedly confirmed that he wants a DNA test from Cosby to prove that he is his father.

Camille, who has never visited Cosby in prison, may not be able to take the embarrassment of two children born by other women with her husband, Radar Online reported. A source for the news outlet confirmed that, “There’s only so much more shame and humiliation she can take.”

Cosby is reportedly aware of the missing items and is looking to head off any potential DNA testing, which the source said, “He wants all resources on deck to stop any DNA testing because that’ll completely ruin the little life he has left.”

Camille married Cosby in 1964. Cosby is serving three to 10 years for the 2004 drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand.