He’s made a lot of money as a late-night comedian and television commentator, but following an interview where he casually passed off the N-word as a joke, Bill Maher could stand to lose his impressive fortune.

The “Real Time With Bill Maher” host, 61, has courted an immense amount of controversy following an interview on his show Friday night with Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. During a conversation where Sasse said he would love to have the comedian visit his state and joked he could work in the fields, Maher responded by joking back that he preferred to be a house slave, using the N-word as a part of his joke.

“Work in the fields?” He asked. “Senator, I’m a house [N-word.]”

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Since then, there have been calls for HBO to pull Maher’s show, though HBO has not revealed if that would happen, simply saying in a statement that the comment would be removed from future airings of the program.

If Maher were to be fired for using the word, he would potentially stand to lose an impressive amount of money. According to Celebrity Net worth, Maher has a current estimated net worth of $30 million and a current salary of about $6 million. He is believed to have earned his money through his appearances throughout the decades on late-night shows, as well as his comedy tours and albums. However, the bulk is believed to have come due to his previous Comedy Central program “Politically Incorrect,” and his current show on HBO.

Maher’s wealth allowed him to purchase a home in the Los Angeles area, which he showed off in 2010 by inviting record producer Clive Davis over for an interview about various topics, including music and religion. It is unclear when he purchased the home, or for how much.

He also opened up about his home in a 2005 interview in The New York Times, where he detailed that his property at the time included a “1950’s house with a screening room; two guest houses; a glass house and the main house.” He also revealed the home had batting cages as well.

Maher also was revealed back in 2012 to have purchased a minority ownership stake in the New York Mets, after the team’s owners put 12 minority ownerships up for sale, which each cost $20 million for a 4 percent ownership of the team. Maher didn’t disclose just how much ownership he had at the time, but revealed that he felt it had been the right call to make.

“I think it’s a great investment,” he said at the time. “I think it’s a great team that I’ve been rooting for since they came into existence, which was soon after I came into existence.”

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If Maher does not face the kinds of consequences being called for due to this incident, it could be because it is far from the first time he has courted controversy on his show. He was most recently criticized just last month for making crude comments about President Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, indicating that the two had an incestuous relationship.

“A lot of us thought, ‘Oh, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace.’ When [Trump’s] about to f—king nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and you know...‘Daddy, Daddy. Don't do it, Daddy,’” he said at the time, while allegedly making a crude gesture with his hands.