Billy Porter is frustrated with people bringing his sex life into every issue.

The actor spoke out about the matter after receiving backlash for wearing his 2019 Oscar’s dress for his “Sesame Street” appearance. The show’s social media team shared photos of Porter in his tuxedo dress alongside popular characters such as Elmo on it’s Twitter page.

While many were supportive of the representation, others felt the show had taken an inappropriate turn.

"No, please no! This is the most disappointing post yet of 2020," one user wrote on Facebook. "The family as a traditional entity should be respected. If people want to do this on their own, that’s their decision, but to parade this in front of the youngest of kids is WRONG. My family will no longer be watching Sesame Street."

As Page Six reports, Arkansas politician Jason Rapert expressed his disapproval of Porter's appearance to voters on Facebook.

“Do you approve of your taxpayer dollars being used to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda?” Rapert questioned.

Since his rant, a petition calling for Porter’s episode on the show to be removed has been circulating. Petitioners have even called out the series for trying to “sexualize children using drag queens,” according to Page Six.

However, Porter had a simpler solution for critics.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it,” he told Page Six.

The “Pose” actor expressed confusion about his dress’ connection to “perverted demon sex.”

“Like, what about me singing with a penguin [on the show] has anything to do with what I’m doing in my bedroom,” he questioned. “The really interesting thing for me is that that’s what it’s all about when it comes to LGBTQ people — the first thing everyone wants to talk about is how we having sex.”

The actor feels like others shouldn’t be concerned with that aspect of his life.

“Stay out of my bedroom and you will be fine — that is none of your business,” Porter concluded.

Porter held an “LGBT State of the Union,” in 2019, where he stated, “our rights are under threat and the sanctity of identities is in peril.” He held another this week.

US actor Billy Porter won another Hollywood red carpet in a white tux with a giant feather train
US actor Billy Porter won another Hollywood red carpet in a white tux with a giant feather train AFP / VALERIE MACON