• Noelle and other Magic Knights arrive to assist Asta and company
  • The chapter showcases the ultimate magic
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 284 is hitting the stands Sunday

After a one-week break, the manga returns with a brand-new chapter. "Black Clover" Chapter 284 raw scans, leaks, and spoilers are available online teasing the ultimate magic.

Reddit user Ravi567 shared the spoilers for Chapter 284 on Thursday. The leaks reveal the arrival of Dryad. She is the one who teaches ultimate magic.

The chapter delves into what ultimate magic is. This kind of magic is unique for each individual. Originally, only elves had the ability to pull off the ultimate magic because of their skills. But even humans have the capability to use it with the help of the heart's technique and nature's mana.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 284, Noelle and the rest of the Magic Knights destroy the lower-rank devils. However, it is revealed they don't need to be in the arcane stage to beat the lower-rank devils. The problem is the middle rank and upward.

In the upcoming chapter, Luck manages to defeat a middle-rank devil using his ultimate magic. Meanwhile, the Spade Castle burns and freezes. Also, Nacht is stabbed by ice and fire and the twin devils' magic is likely responsible for it.

In the previous chapter, after dealing with the ancient demon, Asta announces he is ready to head to the Spade Kingdom. Gimodelo tells him they cannot do ultra-long-distance travel without Nacht. At the same time, Asta loses his Devil Union and he is shocked that it could not last long enough.

Liebe tells Asta to use his Demon-Slayer Sword to fly, but a portal appears and he is sucked into it.

In the Spade Kingdom, the citizens run to save their lives as the devils continue to arrive in large numbers.

The Mage Defense Forces are trying their best to save the citizens. Sally uses her Sticky Salamander magic to catch a few citizens and brings them to the Snow Man Safehouse created by Makusa.

Valtos is using Spatial Magic to evacuate the people. Later, Fuegoleon Vermillion arrives and joins the battle against the devils.

"Black Clover" Chapter 284 is releasing Sunday and fans can read it online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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