With Black Friday in full swing, many might be wondering what took place when stores opened their doors.

Police intervened in a shoplifting scheme outside a Kohl’s in Illinois. Officers chased two suspects who reportedly stole clothing. An officer was involved in a struggle and was dragged by a car driven by one of the suspects in the parking lot. Shots were fired, and the suspect was struck in the shoulder. The suspect and the officer were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

In New Jersey, a Walmart shopper was arrested after fighting with a store manager over a TV. When police arrived at the scene, the suspect reportedly became belligerent and attacked the officer.

A Las Vegas shopper who bought a TV from Target was shot by a thief while taking his purchase to his home. Warning shots by the robber caused the victim to drop the television. As the thief tried to load the TV into a car, he fired two more shots, striking the victim in the leg.

Some fights broke out before stores even opened:

In California’s San Bernardino County, a brawl at a Walmart parking lot broke out, reportedly from people cutting in line. At least three people were involved in the fight. Two were arrested and one police officer was injured. Onlookers caught the fight on camera:

In Virginia, a stabbing took place Thursday night at a Walmart parking lot. Police say Ronnie Sharp, 61, and Christopher Jackson, 35, were arguing over a parking space. The fight escalated when Sharp pulled out a knife and sliced Jackson’s arm down to the bone.

While some stores have braced for the holiday rush by extending their hours and even providing their employees with mob training, a Gallup poll reveals 56 percent of Americans will be avoiding Black Friday. Their main reason? The crowds.

For those who want to keep up to date with the Black Friday action, below is a roundup of fights, brawls and arrests captured so far by Black Friday shoppers: