Black Friday
Shoppers literally fight over deals in videos from Black Friday 2014. Reuters

As shoppers from the U.S. and U.K. let the dust settle after another chaotic year of Black Friday sales shopping, the public is starting to get caught up on exactly what happened within store walls as people literally fought to get their hands on the best deals of 2014.

While the biggest retail shopping day of the year is a fun tradition for some, for others it’s an unsafe example of just how bad people can be. From pushing and shoving to trampling and punching, Black Friday shoppers were willing to do nearly anything to secure the latest electronics and clothes for dirt cheap. Below are the six biggest acts of violence in video form from Black Friday 2014.

[WARNING: Some of the language and content of these videos is extremely graphic.]

Where It All Goes Wrong

Black Friday shoppers are all eyeing the best deal, so when employees at a Walmart tried to get people to back up so they could arrange an orderly display the mob decided to just start grabbing at the merchandise instead. This video gives people an idea of the high stakes for shoppers on Black Friday.

Man Gets Tasered In Walmart

It's unclear what sparked this confrontation with police in a Walmart. However, it's very clear that it ends with the perpetrator being tasered in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Women Brawl In Front Of Lingere Store

After an exchange of some harsh words, punches are thrown between women in a crowd waiting to get into a lingere store. Things go from bad to worse in a hurry when no one wants to walk away from the fray.

Pig Pile On TVs

Police respond to a group of people who are trying to lay on top of two televisions in the hopes of being the ones to get away with the electronic when it's all over. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work out like that for them.

Safety Not Guaranteed

A woman grabs a hold of a television, but is then pulled to the ground by a pair of shoppers who happen to want that same TV. Luckily for the woman, store employees step in and both rescue her and her soon-t0-be purchase.

Trampling For The Holidays

It's sad to say, but it simply wouldn't be a Black Friday without a stampeding crowd of bargain hunters walking all over someone who has fallen down. Luckily, no one appears to be hurt in this video from a department store in the U.K.

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