• A Black woman went to pick up free dog food
  • A white man followed her in his convertible because he felt "unsafe" with her around
  • The woman recorded the confrontation on video

Julia Santos, a 21-year-old Black woman from Massachusetts, shared a video of a white man following her, while she was driving in her neighborhood.

Picking Up A Dog Food

Santos told the Boston Globe she was in the area, Monday (June 29), to pick up a dog food after seeing an online post offering free chow. After picking it up, she drove toward the direction of her home in Groveland. That was when she noticed the man following her in his convertible Beemer.

The white driver, then, cornered his car on a side street and started questioning her why she was in the neighborhood. He, also, asked the Black Massachusetts woman where she has lived all her life. At this point, she took out her mobile phone and recorded the events as it transpired.

Black woman captures video of white man in BMW convertible following her
Black woman captures video of white man in BMW convertible following her stux - Pixabay

Not Safe

In the video, she could be heard telling the man aboard a silver BMW that she had noticed that he had been following her and expressed her apprehension about not feeling safe from that point on. The man looked quizzically at her and implied that it was the other way around. “You don’t feel safe? I don’t feel safe with you driving around in my neighborhood,” the white driver replied. Santos, then, asks him why and he replied because there are just too many people.

She pressed on and asked whether he was following her and may not have felt safe because she was Black, to which the man replied in the negative, adding that he does not know what color is Santos. “What color are you?” he asked her.

Neighbor Intervenes

After a few minutes, a neighbor who had been watching the conversation from her car chides the white driver of the Beemer for harassing Santos. The neighbor was heard on the video saying she does not like the fact that the “poor girl” is being harassed. “I don’t like the fact that she’s in my neighborhood,” the man replied.

After the incident, Santos admitted to the Boston Globe that she is still a bit shaken up by the incident. She had uploaded the video she took on Twitter, where it had gained viral status. “I just got Karen’d? This man followed me home because I went to pick up DOG FOOD at somebody’s house!” the video’s accompanying tweet said. Karen is a term used on social media to describe white women who act entitled.