Agent Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff, center) was kidnapped by a dangerous cult in episode 12 of "The Blacklist" Season 2. NBC

Only on “The Blacklist” can fans go from watching an evil corporation get busted by a militant group in one episode, and a religious cult get taken down by the FBI in the next one. That is what was on Liz (Megan Boone) in episode 12 as Red (James Spader) sent the FBI agent after the leader of a creepy polygamous church in “The Kenyon Family.”

Here are four things we learned in episode 12:

1. All in the Family

The next person on Red’s blacklist was the leader of a polygamous, incestuous cult named Justin Kenyon (Stephen Bogardus). Kenyon was not news to Liz. The man was a well-known subversive figure, but was well protected by a team of lawyers and isolated on a 15,000 acre reservation in the Rocky Mountains with his church members.

Red had dirt on Kenyon. It turned out the man financed his creepy church by letting criminals store contraband – everything from drugs to military grade weapons – on his reservation. However, the FBI was reluctant to raid Kenyon’s compound, worried they would come up empty-handed and on the wrong side of some messy lawsuits. Unfortunately, during their delay a string of car bombings occurred with the license plates leading back to Kenyon. The FBI subsequently raided Kenyon’s reservation, but were shocked to find all of the cult members shot dead in their church with Kenyon nowhere to be found.

Liz did find one girl alive and went with Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) to take her off the mountain, but the wheels were shot off their car. It turned out that Kenyon had been banishing young boys into the woods to keep the right balance of men to women in his cult – he required three wives for every man. Many of the young boys had survived and formed a “Lord of the Flies” style gang, led by Kenyon’s brother David (Eric Nelsen), who had taken revenge on the senior brother’s church. The boys killed a police officer and kidnapped Ressler, leaving Liz to track them down. Liz, though, was soon kidnapped herself. Luckily, the FBI showed up just in time to save them – thanks to Red tracking the GPS coordinates through some stolen missiles on the property. David was killed in the raid and Liz later found Justin Kenyon dead as well, murdered by his brother.

2. Road Trip

Meanwhile, Red was searching for a safe belonging to the dead Intelligence Director Alan Fitch (Alan Alda). To find it, he enlisted the help of the difficult DMV tracker Glen Carter (Clark Middleton). Glen deduced that the safe was in Fitch’s Russian apartment and convinced Red to travel with him to the country. Despite a brief visit to the wrong apartment, Red and Glen eventually found what they were looking for, along with a mysterious phone number.

3. Director Cooper

In the beginning of the episode, fans saw a conversation between Assistant Director Cooper (Harry Lenix) and his wife discussing a clinical trial treatment for his illness. Cooper’s wife convinced him to apply for the treatment, but unfortunately he was not accepted. With his long-term health in question, Cooper was forced to decline an offer to take over as FBI director.

However, Tom (Reed Birney), the current FBI director who wanted Cooper to take his job, was able to pull strings to get his friend into the clinical trial. There’s hope for Cooper!

4. New Digs

Is there hope for Liz? Red bought the FBI agent a new apartment at the end of the episode, hoping it would help her find some happiness again. She declined, though, insisting their relationship remain just business.

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