BLACKPINK at the BST Hyde Park in London.


  • BLACKPINK recently concluded its "Born Pink" world tour, selling out 66 out of 66 shows
  • BLACKPINK now holds the record as the female K-Pop act with the biggest world tour
  • The girl group performed at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul over the weekend

BLACKPINK's nearly year-long "Born Pink" world tour ended on a high note as it's now the biggest tour ever by an all-female K-Pop act in history.

The internationally acclaimed K-Pop group recently returned to its home country, South Korea, to perform a two-night encore show at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul over the weekend. Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie were greeted by thousands of fans — known as BLINKS — on both days as tickets were immediately sold out, according to OSEN.

Interestingly, BLACKPINK achieved a historic milestone at the end of the tour, becoming the female group with the biggest tour in history after 66 out of 66 shows across the globe sold out. It also garnered about 1.75 million audiences after jetting off to North America, Europe, Australia and other countries in Asia.

Though it is unclear how much the "Born Pink" world tour grossed in total, a recent post revealed the recent record of its sales, which hit a whopping $220 million with 48 out of 66 shows. At the time, the "Pink Venom" hitmakers' tour was already considered the highest-grossing tour by a female group. It bested the Spice Girls' "Spice World Tour" in 2019 and TLC's "Fanmail" tour during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

BLACKPINK also holds the record for the second-highest K-Pop world tour of all time, ranking No. 2 with 1.95 million spectators that attended its international run. It came next to BTS, who earned the No. 1 spot, thanks to its "Love Yourself" tour with 2.02 million spectators.

The quartet continued to skyrocket into fame as it also broke several records on Spotify, starting from when the "Born Pink" world tour began in October 2022 until it concluded on Sunday, Sept. 17. BLACKPINK accumulated a jaw-dropping 3.14 billion streams and 12.2 million followers on the music streaming giants, per @chartmastersorg.

Each member's solo songs also met success. Jennie's "Solo" currently has about 1 billion streams on Spotify, while Lisa's "Money" surpassed about 1.9 billion streams; Rosé's "On The Ground" hit 760 million streams and Jisoo's "Flower" has about 460 million streams.

Now that the tour has ended, fans wait for the group's official announcement regarding its contract renewal with its longtime label, YG Entertainment. This came after the latter revealed that an update would be given after the conclusion of the tour, though BLACKPINK celebrated its 7th anniversary last month.

BALCKPINK in Vietnam.