Blackpink singer Jisoo revealed her favorite animated character as she sat for an interview with Disney Plus Korea on Friday ahead of the release of her new drama, “Snowdrop.”

The 26-year-old Blackpink singer began by mentioning Moana, Toy Story and Coco as her most favorite Disney animated films. She said she is thrilled to be part of Disney as the production company seems to be present everywhere. “It feels like Disney is all around me. When I travel abroad, I go to Disney World, Disney Store a lot and I also love Disney Movie,” a translation of her interview read.

“I have been watching Disney cartoons since I was young and I still watch them now,” she said. As for her favorite Disney character, the oldest member of Blackpink said she likes Rapunzel the most and revealed watching the movie 50 times.

“Our members (Blackpink) really like Disney and I remember singing together and braiding each other’s hair,” she said, noting that her familiarity with Disney characters makes the production seem like “an old friend.”

Here is a video of Jisoo's interview with Disney Plus Korea.

“ActressJisooInterview” and “Snowdrop” trended on Twitter on Friday as fans retweeted screenshots of her interview with Disney Plus and snaps of the teaser poster of “Snowdrop” which will be streamed via Disney Plus on Dec. 3.

One fan tweeted photos of the locations where the drama was filmed, saying, “Where will the ‘Snowdrop’ scene end. #Snowdrop.”

Another Twitter user invited other fans to increase viewer engagements in Jisoo’s interview video with Disney Plus Korea.

“Please hype the video for our [chu] on Disney plus. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave a positive comment… Snowdrop Jisoo at Disney Plus #ActressJISOOinterview,” user @purpinkuniverse said.

In a separate interview with the streaming platform, Jisoo’s “Snowdrop” leading man, Jung Hae-In, revealed that he prefers the animated Aladdin over the live-action film.

“I watched it in the cinema. When it became a live-action version, it broke my heart. I personally prefer the animation,” he said in the interview below.

"Snowdrop" is a drama set in Seoul during the 1987 democracy movement in South Korea. It follows the romance of university students Su Ho (Jung Hae-in) and Young Ro (Jisoo). They fall in love amid mass protests during a tumultuous time in the nation's history.

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18. Jisoo is a one-man band - As if her vocal prowess isn’t impressive enough, Jisoo can also play the drums and the piano. This makes it almost natural for her to be composing songs. Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for KING