It looks like Blake Shelton will be rocking a new hairstyle during his Academy of Country Music (ACM) performance with girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

The country star shared a GIF on Twitter Thursday showing off his mullet, which he said Stefani added "stripes" to. The couple's fans have had a range of reactions to his new look.

“Very cute,” one person tweeted with two laugh emojis.

“His hairstylist died a little bit when they saw this,” someone else replied with an embarrassed emoji.

Others called out Stefani for giving her fellow “The Voice” judge a not so country-style look.

“What are you doing Gwen, leave him a country singer, he is not you and not a rocker,” one fan said. “You are going to make the die hard country singers hate you!!!”

“Love you, love Gwen but that looks awful,” another user replied.

A number of people called out critics for taking the hairstyle change too seriously.

“I don't think he is doing it because he thinks it will look ‘good,’” one user tweeted. “He's just being Blake. Entertaining us as usual. All good things must end and I'm sure (after seeing photos of him like that) he'll decide to go back to normal. LOL I actually don't mind it at all.  Strange…”

Another user replied: “Why not....something different. It will look cool. Chill out y'all. Dang!!!! Gwen isn't gonna let her man look stupid and we are on friggin lockdown. Let [them] enjoy themselves.”

“Well good thang is, it will.grow.back. so everybody shut up,” one fan commented. “It's his head, hair and girlfriend. I'm sure there was a time you did [things] that your significant other wanted you to do.”

Shelton first showed off his new look on Twitter earlier on Thursday. He captioned a picture of himself and Stefani and labeled it as their “quarantine photoshoot.” 

As reported by USA Today, the couple is set to perform during the "ACM Presents: Our Country" special this weekend. The televised program will consist of at-home acoustic performances from stars such as Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. It is set as a replacement event for the Academy of Country Music Awards ceremony, which has been postponed until September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The show airs on CBS at 8 p.m. EDT on April 5.