• Florida man jumped over a concrete divider causing vehicles to crawl
  • He attacked the truck's windshield while clinging on to the speeding truck
  • The man was taken into custody without an incident and will undergo an evaluation

In a bizarre video that went viral this weekend, a bloodied Florida man was seen clinging to the hood of a semi-truck as it sped down the highway.

The Florida Highway Patrol was alerted on Saturday afternoon about a "disoriented" white male who had abandoned his car on an exit ramp near Boynton Beach.

The white male was driving a Toyota SUV on Aug. 1 with a male passenger traveling southbound on the Turnpike. The passenger informed the dispatchers that the driver started acting strangely before stopping the vehicle on the exit ramp to Boynton Beach.

He is then said to have jumped over a concrete divider between the turnpike's southbound and northbound lanes of traffic causing the vehicles on both sides of the highway to crawl.

The video shared by Billy Corben on twitter has already gained more than 4.4 million views at the time of this writing.

In the video, a man, who appears to be in his underwear, is seen attacking the windshield of the truck while he clings for his life to the front of the speeding giant.

He is heard screaming "call the police" as he sees the passerby in a car filming him.

The truck driver is seen swerving the vehicle back and forth, hoping to shake the man down.

Edward Hughes, the truck driver, told TMZ that the man was bloodied and frantic when he waved him to stop his truck. When he stopped the vehicle, Hughes claims the man latched onto his hood and started using a metal object to break his windshield.

He hit the gas in panic and tried to shake him off the hood, Hughes said. But no effort could get him off and he remained latched onto the hood of the semi tractor-trailer for almost 9 miles, Daily Mail UK reported.

The truck was later pulled over by the police. The man was taken into custody without an incident. He was transported to Wellington Regional Hospital, where he will undergo an evaluation, authorities said.

The motive behind the man’s strange behavior is unclear. It is also not known how or why the man was covered in blood.

The Highway Patrol has not yet confirmed whether the man or the truck driver would be charged.

Representational image. AFP / Daniel MIHAILESCU