Daisy Lewellyn
Daisy Lewellyn talks about her role on “Blood, Sweat, and Heels.” Daisy Lewellyn

Bravo’s newest reality series, “Blood Sweat and Heels,” debuted in January with the highest-rated premiere in Bravo history. The show about six career-driven women living in New York City had remarkable ratings, and Bravo has renewed the show for a second season.

International Business Times spoke with cast member Daisy Lewellyn, who was often seen on the show sharing advice about everything from friendships to how to look fabulous without spending lots of money. Lewellyn is a style expert who has been on numerous shows, such as “Good Morning America,” and has tracked trends for leading fashion publications. She has also written a book, “Never Pay Retail Again,” which addresses how to maximize your personal style on any budget. We spoke with her about her role on “Blood Sweat and Heels,” the louds versus the prouds, her career, and more.

International Business Times: So how did you end up being a part of the “Blood Sweat and Heels” cast?

Daisy Lewellyn: The network approached me about being on the show, as they were familiar with my work. I’ve been on “Dr. Oz,” “Wendy Williams” and other programs. Production was looking for someone who’s a go-getter in fashion and established. I think they were looking at all of the girls for someone still going after their career goals, and that’s definitely me. I’ve been in business for 14 years, talking on various shows, toured America doing makeovers, and there’s a lot more to come.

IBT: What’s your favorite memory of shooting Season 1?

Lewellyn: My favorite memory has to be the time I had dinner with my dad. I’m such a daddy’s girl, so I definitely enjoyed shooting that scene. After viewing it, I enjoyed seeing how many people enjoyed watching it themselves and it warmed my heart. My dad has a lot of fans. He’s so humble.

IBT: You and Demetria were friends for years. Has your relationship changed since taping the show?

Lewellyn: No, it hasn’t. Nothing has changed. I have seen her out at a few events, but I have not spoken to her.

IBT: Is there still the distinction of the louds and the prouds, or have you all officially kissed and made up?

Lewellyn: I think it’s pretty clear that we haven’t. I never want to have conflict and I’m never one to want to support division, it’s just not me. I actually don’t feel comfortable with it. I do hope going into Season 2 that we can put those things away and accept people for who they are and find some commonality. I don’t think you have to agree with everyone’s lifestyle but you can find some good in everybody in order to hang out and do things together. So I hope things can go a bit better for Season 2 than it did at the reunion. I think compassion can go a long way and thinking of others can be beneficial, so we shall see, but you can’t control other people.

IBT: You have been a style expert for a number of television shows and publications. On the show, you shared a few tips for being budget-friendly while not compromising your sense of style. Are there any money-saving tips you can share with the ladies?

Lewellyn: First thing as we approach a new season, I think it’s very important to have an idea of what your money’s looking like and what holes you have in your closet. A lot of people end up making impulse purchases because they think they don’t already have those things in their wardrobe. So every season you want to create seasonal shopping sheet. This way, you can get an idea of what your wardrobe is lacking and figure out how much you want to spend. Think of spending money on shopping like spending money on your cell phone bill, rent, etc. Shopping shouldn’t be a guilty thing; you just have to plan for it in advance. You can even make a little list on your phone of what you want to buy. So when you’re out and see everything on sale you already know where your eyes need to be.

IBT: What can we expect next from you in Season 2 and beyond?

Lewellyn: I’m career girl day and night. I love my career and I feel like it’s very important for the development of my brand to continue shaping it. Television is important to me of course, in regards to “Blood Sweat and Heels,” but also in terms of having a regular spot on a television show. I want to increase my television presence, that’s where my heart is and I can literally do that all day long.

IBT: On the show, you mentioned that you were single, and that Jesus was your husband. Is that still the case?

Lewellyn: Jesus and I are still honeymooning -- but that doesn’t I’m not taking applications.