• Candace Cameron Bure's onscreen dad on "Full House" said she is "perky sometimes" and nothing is wrong with it
  • Bure asked Bob Saget his opinion on her personality because many accused her of faking her bubbly behavior
  • Saget said Bure is a positive person and the opposite of fake

Candace Cameron Bure asked Bob Saget, her co-star on the hit series "Full House," about the allegations that she is faking her personality.

The "Fuller House" co-stars reunited on the "Bob Saget's Here For You" podcast Monday. During their reunion, Bure asked Saget about his opinion on her personality behind the camera.

"I’m going to ask you to talk about me for a second," Bure was quoted by US Weekly, as saying. "For those people that think that because I am a happy, positive person, that I must be a fake person, would you say that that’s true or false?"

"You’re the opposite of fake," Saget replied. "And I’m sorry — you’re perky sometimes. What’s wrong with being perky?"

The comedian and Bure started working together in 1987 on the set of "Full House." Saget played Danny Tanner, Bure's onscreen father in the series. The show ran for eight seasons and scored a sequel "Fuller House" which premiered on Netflix on Feb. 26, 2016. It ran for five seasons and aired its finale on June 2, 2020.

Bure thanked Saget for his compliments. She explained that she wasn't asking for praises and explained that trolls have been coming after her on social media and some of them just don't believe that she is as happy as she seems.

"Thank you," she told Saget. "I only ask that because sometimes you read comments, and most of them, they roll off my back. But when people are annoyed at me that I’m such a happy person … I was, like, let someone speak into this that’s known me since I was 9 years old."

Saget assured Bure that he knows her upbeat nature is genuine after they have worked together for many years.

"You’re a positive person. So if you’re perky, it’s because you’re excited, and/or you’ve had a lot of caffeine. That’s what people should know—there’s nothing fake about you," he added.

In December, Bure clapped back at those who criticized her family Christmas photo. Many commented about the small details in the picture she shared that they didn't like, with some making fun of their appearance.

"I posted my family Christmas photo and sadly, there were so many unkind comments. Do you think it’s funny to criticize someone’s children? To make jokes about them? To critique our poses? The direction in which we are looking? Our physical appearance and facial expressions?" she wrote.

She wished for some blessings to her critics and said she was praying for humanity, manners and respect. She also told her followers to not tell her to ignore the bashers.

"P.S. Please don’t tell me to ignore the 'haters.' There were plenty of well meaning people who thought it would be funny to point out things and share their commentary, 'with love.' Umm... that’s not love. That’s rude. Try kind. It looks good on everyone," she concluded.

Many also criticized Bure's handsy photo with her husband, Valeri Bure. In the picture, he playfully cupped her breast and many found it inappropriate to share.

"I’ve been married for 24 years. I’m a Christian, my husband’s a Christian and I’m really proud that we’ve managed to stay married for 24 years," she said. "And the fact that we have fun and we flirt together, this is part of what makes our marriage work. This is something to be celebrated as a Christian."

Candace Cameron-Bure
Pictured: Candace Cameron-Bure at the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" in New York City on Nov. 18, 2015. Getty Images