Bobbi Kristina family
Mock-up photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown were published by a magazine on Monday, showing how she looked when the police officials found her in her Atlanta home in January. In this photo, Bobbi Kristina, boyfriend Nick Gordon and family arrive at Tri-Star Pictures' 'Sparkle' premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Aug. 16, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

A magazine published photos that re-created the events of the January day when Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive by police officials at her Atlanta home. The news comes soon after a family member allegedly took a photograph of Bobbi Kristina in the hospice care and tried to sell them to media.

Some images that showed Bobbi Kristina on the bed of the hospice care and an actress posing in different positions in which the 22-year-old was found, appeared in the National Enquirer, according to the Mirror. The National Enquirer claimed that Bobbi Kristina was originally pictured in those positions. It was reportedly offered to carry the original pictures but instead chose to carry the fake images. The Mirror noted that the photographed actress looked similar to Bobbi Kristina.

One of the photos showed an actor, posing as Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, dragging the woman up the stairs by her hair, just as the accusations against him claimed. Other photos also portrayed the actress with a broken tooth as reported previously in media.

Bobbi Kristina was taken off all medications when she was moved to the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Georgia last month. Nick Gordon, who has not been allowed to see Bobbi Kristina, currently faces a lawsuit, filed by her conservator, who claims that Gordon beat the late Whitney Houston’s daughter and stole money from her.

“Nick’s main concern seems to be seeing Bobbi before she dies,” an insider told Us Weekly on Monday, adding: “He’s constantly trying to find a way to make that happen.”

Bobbi Kristina’s family, except Bobby Brown, is currently banned from seeing her after the photos were leaked. While Bobbi Kristina's aunt Leolah Brown claims to know the culprit, no names have been divulged yet.

“You took that picture thinking you gon get some money for it ... and that’s gon be it! ...guess what!????!!!! I will myself if no one else does-see to it that -YOU be revealed!!!! Trust me! I will put the fire so far up the medias a-- to reveal who they PAID for that,” Leolah said in a Facebook post last week, adding: "YOU will not do to my niece what YOU did to Whitney! Everyone knows who YOU ARE!"

The family is reportedly under a “lock down mode” at the hospice care and is mourning the last moments of Houston’s daughter.