• Bowel cancer is a dangerous disease that could lead to death
  • For such disease, it is very important to detect it early so as to find the right treatment at the earliest too
  • A feeling after you have gone to the toilet can signify  bowel cancer

Bowel cancer can lead to death if there is no intervention that will be taken by patients. Many health experts advise that you need to be wary of the early symptoms of the disease so that you would be able to avail of early treatment or intervention.

According to an Express’ report, there is a symptom that will be manifested right after you have gone to the toilet. Cancer occurs whenever cancerous cells would reproduce without any control. As they keep on reproducing, they start to develop into a mass.

For bowel cancer, the disease would slowly progress and would start destroying nearby tissues. There are instances when cancer would travel to other parts of the body, a process called metastasis. At this point, the risk of dying increases. This is why, before you reach this point, you have to detect the symptoms.

bowel cancer symptom after urinating
bowel cancer symptom after urinating Lanz-Andy - Pixabay

The Post-Loo Symptom

After you have gone to the toilet, try to notice how you are feeling. Do you feel that you have clearly emptied your bladder? If you feel this way, then you must be thankful because that is the normal feeling. However, if you don’t feel that you have fully emptied your bladder, then that would be a cause for concern. This feeling is a result of misbehaved cells and is said to be a symptom of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer could start at the large intestines or the colon. It can also start at the rectum or the back passage. As per Express’ report, it doesn’t matter where the disease started because the symptoms would be the same.

Other Bowel Cancer Symptoms

The feeling of having a full bladder after going to the toilet, or that sensation that you have not emptied it, could signal the presence of bowel cancer. There are still other symptoms that you need to be aware of. These include blood in your stool. At times, it could also appear like blood in the rectum.

Bowel cancer could also manifest itself in a change in your bowel behavior. You may notice sudden looser stools, or you may start to see that you are constipated. If you go see a doctor and he would fee a lump in the tummy or back passage, especially on the right side, then that may also warn you of bowel cancer.

If you also lose weight, feel tired or breathless, you may want to see your general practitioner. Remember, being able to detect cancer at the earliest will also help you find the right treatment.