• Nicholas Forman, 24, allegedly beat 22-year-old Sabrina Harooni to death during an argument over the latter's ex-boyfriend
  • He allegedly hid his girlfriend's body in his home for more than 10 hours before taking it to a hospital in an Uber
  • A video recording allegedly implicated Forman while security footage debunked his claim that a group of women had attacked Harooni
  • Forman's defense agreed he killed Harooni but urged jurors not to convict him of first-degree murder

A 24-year-old man from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania allegedly beat his girlfriend to death in a jealous rage and hid her body in his home for more than 10 hours before taking it to a nearby hospital in a ride-hailing service.

Nicholas Forman, of Perkiomen Township, was charged with first- and third-degree murder over the death of his 22-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Harooni, in February of 2020, newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Forman had allegedly killed the Gilbertsville resident at the height of an argument over her former partner, investigators said.

The fatal beating followed a night out at a bar in Oaks watching Super Bowl LIV, according to prosecutors. Forman then loaded Harooni's body into an Uber the next morning and took her to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, where she arrived cold to the touch, without a pulse and bearing visible head and neck injuries, hospital staff testified Monday.

An autopsy later determined Harooni died from "asphyxia, strangulation and multiple blunt force injuries," investigators said in court filings.

Forman told police Harooni was attacked by a group of women who followed them home from the bar, a story he also told the nurses who treated her. He claimed Harooni was badly injured in the fight but seemed fine until the next morning when he took her to the hospital, witnesses said.

Surveillance footage from the bar, however, debunked Forman's lie, according to Assistant District Attorney Erika Wevodau.

"His story doesn't make sense, because it didn't happen that way," the prosecutor said. "Those girls don't exist, and they weren't the one who brutally beat Sabrina Harooni."

Additionally, a male voice that investigators believed to be Forman's was heard saying, "This is what cheating liars get," in a video recording of Harooni's body found on Forman’s cellphone. The video showed "exactly what [Forman's] intent was and how proud he was," according to Wevodau.

"This case is not a 'whodunit,' just like so many domestic violence cases aren't," Wevodau said. "[Forman] was the last person to be seen with [Harooni] alive,” she noted.

Forman's attorney, Michael John, agreed with Wevodau that there was no doubt his client killed Harooni, but he urged jurors not to convict him of first-degree murder because his actions were allegedly not premeditated.

"The simple fact is that he didn't want her to die," John said. "He did not plan her death, but he was selfish and callous toward her life."

An Uber driver who drove the couple home from the bar the night before told investigators the couple got into a heated dispute after Harooni mentioned getting a text message from an ex-boyfriend, according to an affidavit.

Forman allegedly became upset and demanded to see her phone, but Harooni said he was scaring her, the driver told investigators.

The driver, who is expected to testify later in the trial, was so worried he circled the block and waited outside Forman's house after dropping the couple off, according to Wevodau. He allegedly heard the two arguing and drove off when the fight appeared to have ended.

Forman's prosecution is reportedly expected to last through the week.

Representation. Nicholas Forman, 24, allegedly beat his girlfriend to death in a jealous rage and hid her body in his home for more than 10 hours before taking it to a nearby hospital in an Uber. Pixabay