• The accused told the victim's parents she drowned after consuming alcohol
  • However, the doctors said the victim died of brain injury 
  • Nikolas Maichon is also an accused in a fraud case

A man in Brazil violently beat his girlfriend to death after her bikini top came undone during a pool party.

Nikolas Maichon, who is absconding, is accused of murdering 24-year-old Ana Coutinho on March 18 in Brazil, because he thought she intentionally exposed herself to people gathered there, media outlet reported.

The report said Maichon began thrashing Coutinho when he realized her bikini top had come loose. He then bundled the victim into his car before driving her home. Sometime later, he took Coutinho, who was unresponsive, to a local hospital before going on the run. He also rang up her family and claimed she drowned in the pool after consuming alcohol, the media outlet reported.

Maichon claimed he managed to revive her by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before they went home. But, when she began vomiting blood, he called up his mother to seek her help to take her to hospital, he said.

However, the victim's relatives, who rushed to the hospital, felt something was amiss as Maichon wasn't there, and his mother, who was present at the hospital, did not know his whereabouts. Their suspicions were heightened when doctors said the cause of death may have been a head injury and not drowning.

Coutinho's sister then rang up the couple's friends who revealed Maichon attacked her following the wardrobe malfunction. They said he had taken her away from the party immediately after the incident.

The relatives said this was not the first time Maichon, who was tagged a monster by the victim's sister, has been aggressive toward her, Sydney News Today reported. However, Coutinho allegedly always defended him.

The police have launched a search for Maichon after a complaint was filed by her relatives. He also has another case pending against him for running internet scams.

Last month, Brazil had witnessed a similar crime when a jealous wife barged into a bar and fatally shot a woman sitting next to her husband. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera. The security footage showed the suspect, 31-year-old Dayane Rodrigues, arriving at a building in Tiangua on a motorcycle with an unidentified man. She walked into a bar carrying a purse while the man waited outside. The wife then opened fire at the table where her husband and his five friends were seated, killing the woman at the scene.

Representational image. A woman sexually abused her friend's teenage daughter. pixabay