In this image, a sign warns of danger at a waterfall swollen by rain from Hurricane Lane in Hilo, Hawaii, on Aug. 25, 2018. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

The boyfriend of a missing hiker in Hawaii is not giving up hope on her.

Amanda Eller disappeared after going for a hike in Maui over one week ago. The 35-year-old was last seen on May 8 by her boyfriend, Benjamin Konkol. New surveillance footage of that day shows Eller sending a Mother’s Day package at a local store and buying water and energy bars for her hike. However, as the day went on, she never returned home, which worried Konkol.

“Wednesday evening was when it started for me,” Konkol told ABC News. “I came home and her car wasn't home, which wasn't that untypical, a little strange that I didn't get a text message, but she likes to do her own thing and I respect that. It did, however, start to get later with no sign of her and I started having that weird feeling, ya know that gut feeling, that something wasn't right.”

Despite not answering her phone, he held out hope that she would be home by the time he woke up on Thursday morning. However, she didn’t, prompting Konkol to call nearby hospitals to see if she was there and report her missing to police.

Eller’s phone and wallet were found in her car by a hiking trail, which Konkol and friends stated was normal when she hiked.

Konkol explained it’s not unlike her to go in search of a hidden spot and maybe got hurt, which could be why search groups may have missed her. “It's not unheard of that she could be still alive. I feel in my heart she's still alive for whatever that's worth,” he said.

Konkol has reportedly taken a voluntary lie detector test and has allowed police to search his home, but says he isn’t considered a suspect. Police have also said there is no sign of foul play involved and consider this a missing person’s case.