Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt is into sculpting lately and spends hours in the studio working on his piece. Pictured: Actor attends the premiere of the film "Allied" in London on Nov. 21, 2016. Reuters/Dylan Martinez

Brad Pitt has found a new hobby to dedicate his time to after his highly-publicized breakup with Angelina Jolie.

Pitt, 53, has reportedly been locking himself away in an art studio after his divorce from Jolie. An eyewitness revealed that he has taken up sculpting under the supervision of his friend, British artist Thomas Houseago. Pitt apparently spends 15 hours a day in the studio, Entertainment Tonight reported.

According to reports, Pitt spends the day with Houseago and his team of assistants, but the “Fight Club” star stays behind at night and works on his piece while listening to sad songs. Jolie’s estranged husband reportedly listens to mellow tunes by Bon Iver and Waylon Jenning’s breakup song, “Just to Satisfy You.”

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The people around the actor believe that sculpting and listening to emotional songs are Pitt’s way in dealing with his divorce and custody battle with Jolie. “Art is a way for him to concentrate on one thing, taking his mind off everything else,” the insider told Page Six. “He’d rather do that and be constructive than go out partying.”

On Sept. 19, Jolie filed for divorce and primary custody of their six children. Within days, the Los Angeles County Department of Children investigated Pitt over a recent confrontation with their eldest son, Maddox.

The incident put Pitt in an inconvenient position. He started defending himself in court filings, while Jolie and the kids retreated and moved to a rented home in Malibu. Pitt, being a hands-on dad who was “committed to giving them stability,” was reportedly “very upset,” E! News reported. The “Troy” actor reportedly hoped that he and Jolie could work out their custody issues.

Pitt will next appear in his upcoming movie, “War Machine.” Production for the movie has wrapped. The film is due out next year but has no release date yet. Following the filming, the actor has been keeping himself busy with sculpting.

Will Pitt’s new hobby be effective in helping him cope with his divorce and custody battle with Jolie? Drop a comment below.