Sylvester Stallone was at the Los Angeles art festival recently, and it was there that he met Brad Pitt. The “Rocky” actor shared a picture of their chance encounter on Instagram.

Stallone called Pitt an old acquaintance in a picture he shared on social media. The two actors haven’t worked in a movie together, but many of the comments on Stallone’s post proved just how much the fans are hoping for the two actors to work together.

In a previous video, Stallone shared a glimpse of what it was like at the Frieze Art Fair in Los Angeles. The actor was apparently there on Valentine’s Day, and he greeted all his fans during the occasion. In the video, he showcased one of the art pieces from the event.

Stallone said the Frieze Art Fair was “fantastic.” He later jokingly said that life was hard and slammed his hand on the camera to end the video.

After the success of his recent movie, “Creed 2,” Stallone shared a behind-the-scenes video online. The clip showed Stallone preparing to film an action sequence with fellow cast member Dolph Lundgren. Fans of the “Rocky” franchise will remember Lundberg from the fourth installment in which he played Russian boxer Ivan Drago, a role he reprised in the recent movie.

Stallone is currently busy promoting his upcoming film, “Escape Plan: The Extractors.” The actor shared a video of an interview about the film online.

“Escape Plan: Extractors” has a lot of fight scenes, according to Stallone. “Protect yourself…it’s coming full blast,” the actor teased.

John Herzfeld directed “Escape Plan: Extractors.” The film will be released sometime this year.

Another one of Stallone’s highly anticipated upcoming films is “Rambo 5: The Last Blood,” which will be the final film of the franchise. The movie will be released later this year.