Brad Pitt has reportedly stepped out of a dark place years after he divorced Angelina Jolie.

The actor is rumored to suffer immeasurably after his two-year-marriage to the “Maleficent” star ended. To make things worse, Pitt was also heartbroken over the fact that Jolie is the one who has physical custody of their six children.

But despite the couple’s tumultuous breakup, it seems that Pitt has completely moved on from his ex-wife. He was recently photographed leaving a private jet with his passport and documents in hand.

Even though the “Once Upon A Time” star donned his long hair and growing beard, it was evident that he looked much relaxed compared to his previous outings. As of late, it is still unclear where Pitt went during his recent sighting.

But by the looks of it, he hasn’t been spending as much time with his kids. Every now and then, Jolie is photographed grocery shopping with their children. However, Pitt hasn’t been photographed with his kids in public in years.

Meanwhile, Pitt also made headlines this week after one website compiled not-so-known facts about the award-winning actor. For instance, the “Ad Astra” star previously revealed that he doesn’t normally cry while watching movies, but he broke down in tears while watching “How to Train Your Dragon.”

While speaking with W magazine before his divorce, Pitt said that the movie crushed him especially after he saw the scene where Toothless lost her leg but he still managed to live harmoniously with the other dragons.

Years ago, Pitt also starred in “Fight Club.” Prior to filming, he agreed to get his tooth chipped for his role. One year before the film’s release, the actor’s publicist, Cindy Guagenti told Entertainment Weekly that Pitt will do anything for the character that he needs to portray.

After completing his scenes in “Fight Club,” Pitt went straight to the dentist and had his tooth fixed.