• Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, is embracing life and doesn't pay attention to bad energy
  • The model shared the cryptic post amid the growing tension between Pitt and ex-wife Angelina Jolie, a report said
  • Pitt took Poturalski to his marital home with Jolie in Chateau Miraval

Brad Pitt's new love, Nicole Poturalski, is encouraging everyone to embrace life and pay no attention to "bad energy."

Weeks after she was spotted with Pitt in France, Poturalski took to Instagram to post a cryptic message and three photos of herself wearing a gray crop top and matching shorts. The German model is all smiles as she strikes different poses in her outfit, which she paired with large sunglasses.

"Never stopping embracing life, laughing, making memories and try to see the good in people. No attention to bad energy, just smiles because life is too short," she wrote in the caption.

Poturalski's post comes after a new report claimed there was growing tension between Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. The "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-stars have stopped going to family therapy sessions, according to an insider.

"Tensions have escalated between Brad and Angelina, with family therapy no longer taking place," a source told Us Weekly.

Pitt and Jolie cannot agree on the terms of the custody of their six children, the report said. According to the insider, the actor is pushing for a "50/50 joint physical and legal custody" of the kids, which Jolie doesn't want.

"[Jolie] will only agree to talk about an agreement if the home base for the children isn’t Los Angeles," the source continued. "The younger kids are in school in Los Angeles, which Angelina has always been opposed to. They are very smart and are eager to attend school in person [amid the COVID-19 pandemic]."

Prior to the alleged tension between the exes, Pitt and Poturalski were spotted at an airport in Paris in August before they headed to his Chateau Miraval estate in France. This raised some eyebrows because the actor took his new love to his marital home with Jolie.

However, a source claimed that Pitt didn’t care about Jolie’s reaction to him spending time with the model at their estate. In fact, the "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" star was expecting his ex-wife to lash out.

"Taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary, Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina," an insider told Us Weekly. "He just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out. He expects she will."

However, Pitt's visit to Chateau Miraval could be for business purposes. He visited the place to finalize the details of his new Champagne Fleur de Miraval, which is coming out next month. The actor also participated in the annual harvest, which he has been doing in the past years.

After 15 years, it looks like Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's friendship is now growing again. DoD News Features [CC BY 2.0 (]