• Braunwyn Windham-Burke says her husband, Sean Burke, is allowed to date, but she would be "heartbroken"
  • Sean admitted he was hurt when his wife, who came out as lesbian last year, started dating a woman
  • The "RHOC" star said she and her husband are in therapy because they can't figure things on their own

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Braunwyn Windham-Burke has already found new love, but she isn't ready to see her husband, Sean Burke, with another woman.

In December, Windham-Burke came out as gay and revealed that she is now dating a woman. However, during an Instagram Q&A over the weekend, she admitted that she would be "heartbroken" if her husband of 20 years, with whom she shares seven children, moves on with someone new.

"Will you be ok if Sean ends up falling in love with someone else and decides to try w/them," one fan asked as quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

"Nope, I'll be heartbroken," Windham-Burke responded.

When Sean was asked about finding new love, he suggested he may start dating in the future but has no concrete plans at the moment.

"Am I going to eventually date other people? I don't know. Probably. Don't know when, though," Sean said, with his wife chiming in, "Hard to date during a pandemic!"

Sean also admitted that he took it hard when Windham-Burke introduced her new girlfriend after coming out as a lesbian in December.

"Am I hurt? Yeah! It kind of sucks. It's hard, figuring it out. But yeah, it's sucks," he said.

Windham-Burke acknowledged that she was being hypocritical by not being able to accept Sean having a new partner despite having a girlfriend herself, but she is working on it in therapy.

"Yes, absolutely. That's why we're in therapy. We are working through this. We can't figure this out on our own! I mean, this is a lot...this is hard and we're working it out," she said.

The reality star said in October that she and Sean were in an open marriage. However, she made it clear that they were not divorcing and instead will continue to enjoy a "modern marriage."

"We are [and] we will be married forever. We have one hundred percent faith we are going to raise our kids and grandkids together," she said at the time. "That being said, do we have to fall into the social norms that everyone else does? No. We're doing it our own way. Like I said, [it's a] modern marriage."

Less than two months later, she introduced her girlfriend. Days after showing off her new love to the world, Windham-Burke packed on PDA with her new partner during a beach outing. They were photographed hugging, kissing and holding hands while walking.

RHOC Braunwyn Windham-Burke
"RHOC" stars Brauwyn Windham-Burke (left) and Shannon Storms Beador (right) are pictured in an episode. Casey Durkin/Bravo