Former US president Donald Trump arrives to deliver remarks at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, New Jersey, on June 13, 2023


  • GOP presidential candidates pledge to support the party's eventual nominee to be on Florida's ballot
  • One candidate, Will Hurd, said he won't sign it
  • Will rivals Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis sign?

Being loyal to your political party is as important as anything according to some. If you're not, you might lose some privileges in the state of Florida.

The Republican National Committee earlier this year announced that GOP presidential candidates must sign a loyalty pledge to support the party's nominee if they want to be on Florida's primary ballot, according to state GOP officials. In layman terms, if one does not support the eventual nominee, they won't be on the stage.

"It's about unity; it's about the party. It's about sending a message to Americans that we can't miss this one," Peter Feaman, The Republican Committeeman for Florida, told The International Business Times.

Would former President Donald Trump, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, sign a pledge to support each other in the eventual presidential race? Feaman said he think so.

"Absolutely they will!" Feaman said. "They both know what's at stake. We can't have four more years of Democratic rule. This country wouldn't be able to sustain on this course."

Both Trump and DeSantis have, so far, been non-committal in supporting the eventual nominee.

Other candidates haven't been that supportive regarding the pledge. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in a June 18 CNN appearance, called the pledge a "useless idea", but said he'd sign it in order to participate. In his own CNN appearance, on June 22, Former Congressman Will Hurd, the latest candidate to enter the race on the Republican side, said "won't be signing any kind of pledges" either.

The new requirement has now been filed with Florida elections officials. It appears candidates might have to sign it, or be left out in the cold.