Alonzo Vega
Artist Alonzo Vega has been dubbed the bad boy of the modern art scene. Alonzo Vega

The accomplished thirty-something Peruvian artist has championed a groundbreaking style, in which objects of war are turned into statement pieces.

“ I never studied painting. You can´t teach someone how to paint, you know what I mean?” - Alonzo´s question summarizes his view of the art world.

A self described rebel who dropped out of school to pursue his artistic calling, against all pre-established conventions, shaking the very foundation of the trends he grew up admiring and making every single element his own.

“ Nobody can actually create anything, an artist is always going to be inspired by the world around him, and he will take each element and use it to convey a specific message.” – Alonzo affirms.

As his work receives increasing international attention in the highest spheres of the modern art world, Alonzo is committed to keep pushing the limits of his own creative drive – often working with materials not associated to creative artwork such as bullets of various calibers and gas masks along with more traditional items.

Alonzo is committed to keep pushing the limits of his own creative drive Alonzo Vega

Alonzo´s successful exhibitions at global stages such as Art Basel in Miami, have become part of a wave of new artistic potential emerging from South America, but the young virtuoso´s vision is global.

“ I use ink; I use spray paint. I like having some sarcasm and controversy present in my work. I believe ink is stronger than bullets, ideas are more powerful than bullets.” –Alonzo manifests.

As social media brings the world closer at unprecedented speed, artists like Alonzo are leveraging the power of their own platforms to convey a creative and thought-inducing message. Alonzo´s Instagram is the perfect example of the power these modern tools confer upon independent artists to reach broader, more engaged audiences.

Alonzo Vega studio Alonzo Vega

Locked away in his studio, always working during the night when the rest of the world sleeps, Alonzo Vega redefines the iconography that has shaped our perception of pop culture and through his unapologetic creative intervention, Mr. Vega effectively provides a unique and kaleidoscopic outlook that is bound to disrupt the art world as we currently know it.