It might seem an unusual choice, but 26-year-old Charlotte Walton had good reason for wanting her late father to "hold her hand" and "walk her down the aisle."

The British bride, whose father Mick Barber passed away shortly before her wedding day, had his ashes embedded in her acrylic nails. “It really felt like he was there” she said, reported the BBC.

Walton and her husband had advanced their wedding date when Barber’s cancer began to spread, hoping he would be able to witness their special day. However, when Barber breathed his last, four months before the wedding, Walton made sure she fulfilled her late father’s promise of walking her down the aisle.

It was Charlotte’s cousin Kirsty Meakin, a nail artist who brain-stormed the idea of using his ashes in her design.

Meakin, who is also a YouTuber with more than a million subscribers, explained how she wanted the ashes to be incorporated in clear acrylic on her cousin’s nails. She added, "The ashes were in a little glass pot and we looked through them and picked the pieces we thought would work."

The nail artist further said how after the task was complete, the cousins realized a promise had come true -- Charlotte holding her late father’s hand on her wedding day. “It was a bit surreal” said Meakin.

DailyMail quoted Watson saying, “Kirsty is the queen of nails and I thought her idea was amazing. Having his ashes attached to my nails felt like he was holding my hand.”

The new bride has now framed her nails with decorative crystals around in her house to preserve the memory of her father.

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