Brokelandia is based on Portlandia, the popular IFC series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. (PHOTO: Screen Capture / YouTube / Brokelyn).

Portland has made its way to Brooklyn, New York.

Thanks to the folks at neighborhood blog Brokelyn, East Coasters can now boast about their own over-the-top conversation a la Portlandia, the hit IFC series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

Brokelandia is a love letter to Portlandia and one show's first clips that surfaced more than a year ago.

In Brokelyn's version, restaurants and food have replaced publications; Did you eat it? has replaced Did you read it?; The Breslin restaurant has replaced The New Yorker.

For more than two minutes, two friends in Brokelandia discuss everything from beer-flavored salted caramels, to deep-fried sardine skeletons, to month-long waits for a table at Roberta's, a popular pizza restaurant in the Bushwick neighborhood.

Brokelandia is spot on, concluding in a final Did you read it? second-by-second banter (which is interrupted by the arrival of their tardy friend).

The timing of Brokelandia is no accident. Last Friday, Armisen and Brownstein brought Portlandia The Tour to a sold-out crowd at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, where the duo performed songs, sketches and held a Q&A session.

Since its debut less than a week ago, Brokelandia has received more than 20,000 views on Vimeo and has held its popularity on Twitter.

These people are real. Brokelandia: 'Did you eat it? wrote New York Times editor and former dining editor Sam Sifton.

It's funny 'cause it's true . . . painfully true Portlandia parody set in Brooklyn, wrote ScoutmobNYC.

Scroll down to watch the first episode of Brokelandia, courtesy of Brokelyn.

Portlandia is currently in its second season on IFC.