Ever since Brooklyn Decker's Sport's Illustrated cover debuted, her many assets have been ogled by the public. Decker's curvaceous bod and classically beautiful features not only garnered her a massive fan-base but Hollywood casting agents began to take advantage of her sex appeal. Last year, she starred in the comedy Just Go With It, along with Adam Sandler and this summer she'll star in Battleship, a highly anticipated aliens at sea blockbuster.

While promoting the action epic in Australia, Decker enjoyed some downtime and caught some rays in a daring bikini. The barely there two-piece showed just how lucky a man her husband Andy Roddick is. Next up the star will appear in What to Expect When Your Expecting a quirky comedy about the complications of relationships and pregnancy. Though she's quite busy these days, Decker is always in stellar form. Her curve hugging dresses and photogenic good looks never disappoint.

Here are seven of her hottest looks!