Two Belgian trains, carrying a combined 300 passengers, were involved in a head-on collision today.

About 125 people are injured and at least 18 people are dead, according to officials.

Press Association reports that as many as 25 may have died from the crash.

The two trains collided in Buizingen Station outside Brussels at 2:30 am EST, or 8:30 am in local time. The collision occurred when one train ran through a red light.

Investigators will look to see if the signals were working properly or if the accident was a human error. They will investigate if the weather was in any way responsible for the accident.

It was snowing lightly just outside of Brussels at the time of the accident. The snow became heavier throughout the day as rescue workers searched for survivors at the crash site.

High-speed trains from Brussels to Paris and Brussels to London have been cancelled for today.