PSY, one of South Korea’s best known artists, was full of praises for fellow musicians and the country’s latest sensation BTS, or the Bangtan Boys as he talked to the media at a press conference for his comeback Wednesday.

“I saw that BTS is very famous overseas,” the “Gangnam Style” hitmaker was quoted as saying by Soompi. “I’m very proud of them and think they are very worthy of that attention.”

PSY made his comeback with his eighth album “4X2=8,” which dropped on Wednesday. On the other hand, BTS — made up of members Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J Hope, Suga and V — has been enjoying the international success of their latest repackaged album “WINGS: You Never Walk Alone.”

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“I’m especially more proud of BTS. They are incredibly amazing,” he said, as reported by “The way I entered the international market was pretty unique and they are a unique case too. In a way, I feel like the people who did not intend to do so bring unexpected results. They are gaining great reaction overseas. I believe they're also attending ‘Billboard Music Awards.’”

The South Korean band has been nominated for the “Top Social Artist” category at the Billboard Music Awards scheduled to be held in Las Vegas on May 21 this year. BTS will face big international names like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and others in the fight for the title.

While there was speculation whether BTS will attend the ceremony, which will also be their first U.S. red carpet, Billboard confirmed Monday that the band will be present at the event.

Earlier this year, BTS performed at three locations in the U.S. — Newark, New Jersey, Anaheim, California and Chicago — as a part of their ongoing world tour. The band also made appearances in Mexico and locations in South America as a part of the tour.

PSY, the band’s senior in the industry, also complimented their hard work in his interview.

“I remember seeing [BTS] at music programs a few times at the time of their debut,” he said. “Seeing them work so hard made me proud. I think BTS will continue to grow into an even more recognized group moving forward.”

“They worked really hard to the point where it felt like their bones will break off from dancing,” AllKpop quoted him as saying. They are worthy of close attention and I think they will continue to be.”

On a lighter note, he added, “I can't give them any advice because unlike them, I have absolutely no visual.”

psy korea Singer PSY performs onstage during KIIS FM's 2012 Jingle Ball at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Dec. 3, 2012. Photo: Getty Images

But he did have something to say to the band that has been the subject of national and international attention, a situation that can be particularly stressful for the young artists, all between the age of 19 and 24.

“I want to tell them, that regardless of how long they promote overseas, to not feel burdened,” PSY reportedly said. “They’ve already established that they are artists worthy of recognition in Asia.”