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  • BTS Jimin will make his solo debut on Friday
  • Jimin revealed undergoing extreme weight loss ahead of his debut
  • Jimin controlled his food cravings by writing down what he wanted to eat

BTS member Jimin has dropped the music video for "Set Me Free Pt.2" — a pre-release single ahead of his first-ever solo album "FACE" on Friday — including behind-the-scenes footage.

In the music video, the 27-year-old K-pop artist showcased his jaw-dropping dance skills as he flawlessly pulled off hard-hitting choreography. But Jimin revealed it wasn't easy since he had to maintain a certain weight while filming.

"It's not easy keeping my weight within the 50-kilogram range. But I'm kind of getting used to it now," the lead vocalist said in a video released via Hybe Labels' YouTube channel.

Jimin also revealed how he maintained a strict diet while fighting to control his food cravings, saying, "Every night, I write down what I want to eat before going to bed."

He continued, "Yesterday, I wrote down kalguksu, daechang, and rameyon," adding that he also craved spicy food, such as tteokbokki — a famous South Korean street food made out of rice cake and a spicy gochujang sauce.

It is unclear how much weight the "With You" singer actually lost. But earlier this year, while shooting for his collaboration track "VIBE" with BigBang's Taeyang, Jimin also dived into his weight loss journey.

"I lost quite a lot of weight this time. Previously, I dropped to 56 kilograms. This time, I think I barely got to 59 kilograms. I lost about six kilograms," he said in the "MV Shoot Sketch" video for the track.

"This is my first time working with another artist that's not [on] our team. So, I'm feeling a lot of pressure. I'm realizing how big of a challenge it must have been for other [BTS] members who had worked solo before, and since Taeyang is such an amazing artist, I'm even more determined to do better," he explained.

Jimin is known by fans, called ARMY, as the BTS member who is very conscious of his weight.

Six years ago, the singer revealed during an episode of South Korean broadcaster JBTC's "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" that he only ate one meal a day for ten days since he wanted to become "handsome" while practicing for "'Blood, Sweat & Tears" — the lead single from the group's "Wings" era in 2016, according to AllKpop.

Although losing much weight could be alarming, some fans took to the comment sections of the "Set Me Free Pt.2's" behind-the-scenes video to praise Jimin for his dedication and hard work.

"It's no surprise how hard Jimin works, and it shows in his great performance. The dancers were wonderful, and you can see they were enjoying it too. I can hardly wait to see what else Park Jimin has planned for ARMY," one fan wrote.

Another commented, "Incredibly hardworking, talented, and persistent person. I never cease to admire Jimin and his hard work, humble and charming, friendly character, dancing and deep thoughts, his beauty. The way he praises everyone. But he is strict with himself, he breaks his heart. He is already amazing, but he always tries and gives his best."

Jimin will make his official solo debut on Friday with "FACE."

While fans wait for his debut, check out the recently released teaser for the album's lead single, "Like Crazy," below.

BTS member Jimin
Jimin of BTS is seen backstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images