• BTS paints Seoul purple for the group's 10th-anniversary celebration
  • ARMYs from all over the world spotted Festa billboards in different areas
  • Fans find things that remind them of BTS in the most random places

Apt for the theme of South Korean boy group BTS' Festa 2023 celebration, "BTS Presents Everywhere," Seoul has started its "Borahaefication" project. "Borahae" is a term coined by BTS member V, which means "I Purple You" or "I Love You."

As the color purple takes over Seoul, Big Hit has encouraged BTS fans – known as ARMY – to capture photos of Seoul glittering in purple.

On Wednesday, the South Korean entertainment agency tweeted different locations in Seoul, inviting ARMYs to share photos with the hashtag #FindBTSPresents and the purple heart emoji.

The tweet listed HYBE Yongsan, Namsan Seoul Tower, Sejong Center, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Sebitseom, LOTTE World Tower, Seoul City Hall, as well as Banpo, Yanghwa, Yeongdong and World Cup bridges.

The locations were presumed to light up in purple from June 12 onward. Detailed information will be announced soon, said Big Hit.

In response to BigHit's tweet, fans were quick to tweet photos of BTS Festa billboards they found across Seoul.

International ARMYs in different areas across Japan, Los Angeles and New York City also started tweeting their BTS Festa billboard finds.

Some uploaders added specific locations of the digital billboards for other ARMYs to use as reference when they plan to visit.

Last Friday, K-ARMYs – or Korean ARMYs – already spotted BTS Festa digital billboards across the BTS members' hometowns: Ilsan (RM), Jamsil (Jin), Daegu (Suga and V), Busan (Jimin and Jungkook) and Gwangju (J-Hope).

Before the release of the digital billboards for the group's anniversary celebration, fans have already been sharing random photos of things or places that remind them of BTS in response to RM's heartfelt letter on Weverse.

"By the time you forget about me again, I will find you again. Stay healthy!" the leader of BTS wrote in his post.

After reading RM's letter, ARMYs from around the world started the "RM: Don't forget about us" trend on social media.

ARMYs reassured RM and the rest of the members of BTS that they would always be in their fans' thoughts.

On May 30, Big Hit revealed the official timeline of this year's Festa in celebration of the K-Pop sensation's 10th anniversary as a group since officially debuting on June 13, 2013.

As of press time, Big Hit has already displayed BTS billboards across Seoul, live-streamed past BTS concerts through Bang Bang Con and announced the first batch of Festa merchandise.

Fans are also anticipating the previously announced release of BTS' upcoming OT7 digital single, slated to hit music streaming platforms on Friday, June 9, at 1 p.m. (KST).

As BTS' Festa 2023 celebration nears, fans should check out the timeline of events and follow the group's official social media accounts to get more information on what they have in store.